Publication Description

Robust Query Processing in Co-Processor Accelerated Databases

A Performance Characterization of Streaming Computing on Supercomputers

Use of massively parallel computing to improve modelling accuracy within the nuclear sector

Exploring Application Performance on Emerging Hybrid-Memory Supercomputers

Idle Period Propagation in Message-Passing Applications

Preparing HPC Applications for the Exascale Era: A Decoupling Strategy

Mero: Co-Designing an Object Store for Extreme Scale    

SAGE White Paper

Extending Message Passing Interface Windows to Storage

Preemptive data distribution infrastructure for data centric analysis and modelling

Soft real-time analysis of ITER magnetics streaming data using SPECTRE

On a Storage Stack for High Performance Data Centric Computing
Accepted (Link will be available soon)

RTHMS: A Tool for Data Placement on Hybrid Memory System