Seagate / ARM Workshop

Seagate and ARM/Allinea had a full day workshop in Havant, UK on the 5th of July,
2017 as part of their continued collaboration within the SAGE project. The workshop
dealt with the creation and utilization of telemetry information to be provided by the
Mero Object store for use by third party tools. Allinea/ARM advised on which data is
desired to be provided by the Mero Object store, and Seagate described the format
in which the data will be produced. This early stage co-design is intended to allow for
high quality performance data to be produced for use by the high performance
computing (HPC) community. The display of this data will eventually help to develop
a deeper understanding of storage and I/O performance than is currently possible.

Mero has a powerful telemetry infrastructure called ADDB (“Analysis and Diagnostics
Data Base”) which helps capture the details of what is going on in the I/O and
storage stack. Meaningfully analysing ADDB records helps to develop a very rich
understanding of I/O performance  and associated bottlenecks. This is a step forward
from current approaches to performance analysis in the I/O area within HPC, which
is desperately looking through large amounts of unstructured logs, or relying on tools
that provide only I/O performance summaries, or are overly intrusive and unable to
provide data on real-time I/O performance. The SAGE project is addressing such
performance analysis aspects when developing a “Percipient” storage system with
inbuilt compute and multi-layered I/O device tiers driven by the Mero object store.